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How to connect multiple Monitors on one PC?

How to connect multiple monitors on one pc

How to connect multiple Monitors on one PC?

If you want to connect multiple monitors on your pc then you have multiple options like buying an expensive Motherboard or a High-Quality graphics card. But Wait! first, let’s think about why we need to add multiple monitors?

Why Need To Connect Multiple Monitor?

If you are not a gamer or coder or designer then you do not need to have multiple monitors. But suppose let’s assume you are a Graphic Designer or a Video Editor and you want to improve your skills and output quality of your product then you must upgrade your system.

Is this expensive?

Technically the PC’s having the capacity to connect multiple monitors are quite more expensive than normal once. But for you, we have some other alternative solutions for all types of budgets.

Three Ways To Connect Multiple Monitors On One PC

The First option is to have a 10-generation PC with recommended graphics card it probably takes around INR 50000/- or higher for the whole setup, this type of configuration is needed for professionals.

The second option is to have a 2GB Graphics card like 710. The 710 model graphics card comes with three ports for monitors you can easily connect three monitors to it. It’s cost nearly INR 4000/- to INR 5000/-. But this graphics card is only comfortable with DDR3 Motherboards so if you already have an old setup with H61 or H81 then this is the best choice for you.

The third option is only for those who don’t have a PC yet. You guy’s should buy an H61 Lapcare or H61 Eyot Motherboard with VGA and HDMI ports on board. Then you need to buy two monitors one VGA and one having an HDMI input port. This type of motherboard has the capacity to connect and display two monitors at the same time. If you have a sufficient budget then you can go for the GIGABYTE H81 motherboard.

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