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Type of error codes in CANON PIXMA (G2010/G2012) Printer

Canon G2010/G2012 It’s a simple expression of that problem or maybe that troubleshooting you have on your printer. Sometimes it’s really difficult to understand what’s going on and what can I do to fix that issue. If you can have basic knowledge of error codes you might get rid of some simple problems like Low […]

Why it’s Important to Having Power Protection (UPS) For Computers

What problems do you face if you not having a UPS? Computers are fragile. When an unexpected power failure occurs your computer shuts down improperly, causing the hard drive, an essential spinning component where data is stored, to become damaged. Your system may no longer be able to detect your hard drive, or your hard […]

Best Home Printer for Daily Use

It’s not always possible to run to your nearest cyber cafe or stationery store to print important documents. In such cases, having a printer at home can be of great help, both in terms of convenience as well as cost savings. Whether it’s for printing documents or photos, you can get a lot of things […]

Top 3 Best Desktop Computer PC in Low Budget for students

Today, we see all types of the Best Desktop Computer PC list in the market and among them, we use a durable, perfect quality, reliable and best budget-friendly for School Students and employees who are currently working from home. This desktop is actually an Assemble PC, which configured according to the children’s regular needs for […]